speaker installation

  1. BigSachsy1

    Noob question

    So I have a 4 channel Dual xpr-84d running my front tweets and rear coaxials. I didnt have the RCAs I needed for my front mids (not long enough) so the installer hooked up my rear coaxials and front tweets until the RCAs were installed. So now, I installed them, and I dont know which wires to...
  2. P

    650w 6/9 kenwoods in the back and 300w 6 1/2 kickers in the front?

    I have a honda civic 2000 and put 6/9's in the back and was gonna put 6.5 kens in the front but didnt fit because they have these little hooks on the side for screws, unless i shove it in with force. So then i thought about putting some kickers instead because there a bit more round on the side...
  3. G

    Installing new speakers/amp or amps, need advice?

    I have a pioneer avic 7100 nex installed in my 2012 altima. The head unit is 50w × 4. I have Two 6.5" speakers in the front door and two 6"×9" speakers in the back deck. And I want to put two more 6.5" speakers in the door. The speakers are pioneer TS-A1675R 3-way TS coaxial speakers (6.5"=300w/...