1. nickscassera

    COMPLETED 7K Watt RMS (3500W ea) 2 12 in FI Car Audio SP4 V2 D1 Fully Loaded (Omega Coils, Extra Spider, etc) for SALE or TRADE

    These are MINT! Hardly used and fully loaded, I attempted to run these and my car could not supply the proper power in it's current configuration. After looking at my options it's unfortunately not in my budget to make the upgrades I need to run these beasts. 4 inch omega coils, hybrid...
  2. R

    Enclosure for Fi SP4 15

    I am building a enclosure for the SP4 15. As of now, I started to build a enclosure the is 4.51 cu ft (after port and subwoofer displacement) tuned @ 33Hz ( which is 50 Sq inches and 22 inches long). Is the port sq inches, enclosure space, and port lenght accurate for this sub???? I listen to...