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    COMPLETED Question

    How do I delete one of my postings?
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    wtb black jl audio 450/4 and 300/2

    looking for these amps to complete my set for my build. let me know what you got. thanks slash series 450/4 and 300/2 - Scottie
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    JL Slash 1000/1 v1 Cutting Out

    Hey new here for posts so help me out here. I have a JL XD 400/4 for mids and highs and JL Slash 1000/1 v1 running my Kicker subwoofers (just bottom grade Comp 12s) both running off a stock Advanced Auto Parts battery. The XD 400/4 is on an 8 gauge wire and the JL is on a 4 gauge. The XD has an...