single din

  1. S

    Link Factory Display with new Head Display

    I just installed a new head unit JVC KD-S29 in my 08 Ford Focus which has an existing display separate from the factory radio unit I was wondering if there is any way to link my new head unit display to the factory display. Also I used a single din head with no harness adapter instead of the...
  2. L

    Recommendations for android mirror link head unit?

    I'm looking for some recommendations for a somewhat specific head unit. I use google maps on my phone ALOT and the screen on my phone has begun to "burn in" and in order to prevent future damage I am looking for a head unit that supports mirror link to android (galaxy s8 active). It must be a...
  3. M

    Single-DIN DVD receiver that's SiriusXM-ready?

    Wish I could install a double-DIN unit, but my 2006 Grand Caravan SXT limits me to single-DIN and I'm having an impossible time finding a SiriusXM-ready DVD receiver without a retractable screen. Is there such a thing? I was hoping for a unit with a 3-4" widescreen that would also let me hook up...
  4. F

    Help to choose a suitable car stereo.

    Hello everyone. I am a newbie in car stereos so I need your valuable help. I need a single DIN car stereo which will have : 1)DAB/DAB+ 2)to be able to connect iPod/iPhone via USB 3)to be able to connect Android devices via USB or bluetooth. 4)Bluetooth 5)CD/DVD (because my non and dad do...
  5. Mboyle1145

    Need Help Finding A Good Single Din Screen

    I want to get a good single din screen with nav or have nav option. I want a good iphone connection or good bluetooth or both would be nice. Looking to spend around 400$ Can anyone help? Done alot of research and I am still unsure on which to get. Any advice will be very much appreciated. I am...