shok industries

  1. adulbrich

    Shok Industries still around?

    I was looking on their website and couldn't find a good way to contact them. I tried emailing head shok from CACO a while back, but he never got back to me. If anyone hase the FLO series RCA's, I am looking to buy some! I saw on an old thread that @Vertex Audio used to carry them...
  2. rlambert02

    Pricing for Shok wire

    Im wanting to get the Shok Ind. wire 1/0awg thats 100% copper, not very interested in the CCA stuff. Can anyone help me, or lead me in the right direction to someone or somewhere thats has the best price for this wire, or if there are any shok wire dealer's on this forum please let me know...
  3. soundsolutions

    Shok Industries Power Wire now @ SSA! Excellent Prices!

    Just in! Check out SSA's killer prices and compare them to your favorite brand of power cable. This is a no brainer. 1/0 AWG is in limited quantity, so get it while you can.