1. C

    Eclipse CD3200 HU screen help please!!!

    I recently purchased an Eclipse CD3200 and about 20 minutes into messing with the EQ and such after the install, the screen started to fade slowly until it was all black. Now, the 4 main buttons work, but the screen is black. After checking and double checking to make sure that it wasn't...
  2. Mboyle1145

    Need Help Finding A Good Single Din Screen

    I want to get a good single din screen with nav or have nav option. I want a good iphone connection or good bluetooth or both would be nice. Looking to spend around 400$ Can anyone help? Done alot of research and I am still unsure on which to get. Any advice will be very much appreciated. I am...
  3. H

    head unit unreadable unless a midget. pioneer deh 7200 sounds great but can't read

    newcomer just installed above unit in 2005 toyota camry. Look in user manual and did not see how to change the screen. All I want is the time and the channel (am/fm or sirius) so I can see them. The factory screen is totally worthless. Maybe pioneer will move the dashboard closer! Is there a...
  4. DodgeSlammit

    Center Console Box Design

    Hey guys im new to this forum, but i was just going to see if anyone could help me out with designing a center console box for my 04 ram. i have 2 memphis 10's that will be in it, i want it to be ported, and i want a screen in it too Memphis says it needs to be 2.5 cubes @ 35hz and the port is...
  5. S

    SOLD Concept CM-1100DR - 11.2 Inch Wide Screen Monitor

    For Sale: Concept CM-1100DR - 11.2 Inch Wide Screen Flip Down Car Monitor I bought it brand new a few years ago and has been lying around since. I got out of the car audio scene and have no use for the monitor. The monitor was never installed in a vehicle; it has been tested just to double...