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    07 scion tc help with system wires

    im doing a full system in my scion tc dyno mat and ill have a nav tough screen with a 4 chanul amp running about 75 to 100 watts per chanel and a mono block at about 3000 rms give or take 500 im planning on doing the big three and running all 0 gauge for big 3 and amps i need to know should i...
  2. Why So Cereal?

    2 JL 13.5s vs 6 JL 8's

    Ok so I need new subs since my FI Q 18" blew up on me and i dont really feel like reconing it. (btw its for sale pm me). I want a JL audio sub setup now. So I am looking into some w7 8's (however many can fit across, guessing 4-6) or 2 jl w3 13.5s or 2 JL w6 13.5s. Either setup will be ported...
  3. Why So Cereal?

    Help with a SQ Setup

    Ok at the moment i have a autotek at1200 4 channel amp i got for virtually nothing. The SQ *****. I am kind of a "noob" but i was told the signal to noise ratio determines the clarity of the sound... this amp says 95 db in relation to rated power. My 1st choice WAS a JL Audio XD600/6 with a...
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