re sx18

  1. sharkman

    max rms for sx 18 in big box

    Hello everyone. I have a re sx 18 d2 and the box i built for it is 9.2 after sub and port displacement. My ? Is what is the max rms i can give this sub with this size box. I understand that the sub can take up to 2k but thats changes for the boxx size right?... as of now i dont have an amp. This...

    Box for RE SX 18" and 2020 HHR cargo area?

    Hey guys. Picked up this RE SX 18" today for $160. Never been installed or powered (not even holes in the surround where the screws go!) I'm wondering what the optimal box for low end output will be for this sub. I'm thinking 28-30hz tuning for decaf. I believe my usable cargo area with seats...