ported vs sealed

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    Need enclosure advice. JLw1 to JLw3

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    sealed or ported for a hds3 15

    Just got a new hds3 15 but was wondering what would be better to be loud i have a ported box but dont know what its tuned to and a sealed box? Ported box is a little bigger .
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    2 subs vs 4 subs which is louder and enclosure style

    Originally I planned on having a pair of Orion HP 12s, with dual 4ohm coils, paralleled down to 1ohm in a ported box. My oldschool Orion HCCA250 would give them approx. 800W. Today I came across another pair of the same subs(identical specs) in a sealed box. So here are my questions???? 1...
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    Sundown sd-2 12" sealed vs ported ?

    As of right now I have a pretty small system, 2 10" infinity subs rated at 250 watts rms. I'm thinking about purchasing a sd-12" I'm wondering if it would be much louder than the infinities and would I be better off having a sealed or ported encloser. The problem is I don't have much room I'm...