1. Aygodriver1212

    3Sixty.3 turn OFF pop

    Hi guys, I freshly installed my 3sixty.3, everything works, all wiring is correct no bad grounds whatsoever. I've already tried a commonly suggested solve for this problem, setting the turn-off delay to 4 seconds, doesn't really help. I suspect it's because I have it wired to my switched +...
  2. K

    HELP... new 3 1/2's and the passenger side pops every few bass thumps???

    we just installed 2 kenwood 12's,a kenwood amp, and 2 3 1/2's in the dash.. it sounds great at low volume but once i turn it up and its bangin the passenger side dash speaker pops with every few bass hits... anyone know what this could be? i have the dash speakers straight to the cd player not...