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    Sub doesn't play when my car is moving

    I recently installed a sub and amp into my sister's car, its a 2002 Chevy blazer it has a stock stereo. I installed a line output converter because there were no RCA connections and I wired the remote wire to a wire that said it was 12v on a website's wiring diagram (I can post it if needed)...
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    HELP! my subs may be burning?

    Okay so I just bought a brand new system! A 1200 watt hifonics zues monoblock amp and 2 hifonica hfx12d4 subwoofer rated 400 rms and 800 peak and I have it all wired to 1-ohm... Now when I play my subwoofers start smelling like they are burning? Is it because maybe my gain is set to high? (I...
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    Alpine cda-117

    ive got a alpine CDA-117 ,I put a alpine ktp-445 amp on it and now the controlls to my amp to my subs arnt working . I TOOK THE HEAD UNIT OUT AND FOUND A GREEN WIRE WASNT CONNECTED? EVERY THING ELSE WORKS FINE , CANanyone help me with this? ive got a 1997 gmc jimmy