pioneer 3002d2

  1. W

    TS-W3002D2 The 3500 Watts Subwoofer

    I bought one of these babies for 112$ like a year ago. I'm planning to buy another one but their prices went to the roof! The supply where I got it from was 3kings audio, but apparently they went out business or something. So, why did pioneer stopped the supply of this powerful subwoofers. And...
  2. tpatten12345

    WTB: subwoofer amp

    I was given an amp about a year ago that is about 800 rms @2 and it is starting to over heat frequently. I would like to get a knew amp to power my 12" pioneer champion pro dual 2 ohm subwoofer. I am a bit of a noob however I know enough to check that I wont destroy any of my gear. My question...