percision power

  1. Louisiana_CRX

    Old School PPI PCX monoblock

    Item(s) for Sale: PPI PCX1250 monoblock amplifier ..... Item(s) Description/Condition: This amp is designed to run 2 ohm mono and very clean clear sound it also has the Q bass equalization feature for smoothing out the lows...Its rated at a conservative 600 rms Price: $180 Shipping and...
  2. cooper1123

    PPI Art Series A404 stable at 2ohms bridged?????

    I have a PPI A404 im looking to put into my 1967 Chevy Nova (in avatar) for temorary use until i get my A300.2 fixed. My question is... Will i be okay running this amp bridged at 2ohms? The owners manual says the amp is only stable at 4 ohms bridged, but these put out some awesome oldschool...
  3. C

    ppi pcx4125 (mind blowing 4 channel)

    Item(s) for Sale: Uploaded with Item(s) Description/Condition: PPI PCX4125, very rare amp. Very hard to find any amp that even compares to this. This was going to go in my Caddy to run Boston Z's but I never got around to it. Cosmetically I would give this amp 9.7/10...