1. DeanG

    Tippmann A5 paintball

    Item(s) for Sale: Tippmann A5 ^^^^^^^ Dang't sorry about the wrong thread guys, read it too fast. Item(s) Description/Condition: I have a Tippmann A5 with a flatline, sniper, and ak barrel. I also have various other things pictured, along with a bag and vest I can include. Everything...
  2. Wingsfreak9

    Random f/s/t thread

    First is the paintball setup. The gun is a vl prodigy with an electronic trigger. I believe the c02 tanks are 9 and 14 oz. Looking to get 150 shipped. Imageshack - dsc03892.jpg Next is the paintballs. They are blue core paintballs with blue paint and the orange ones have orange fill but im...
  3. paintball stuff

    paintball stuff