old school sub

  1. Thumpz

    WTB Old school Cerwin Vega strokers

    As the title state's I'm looking for an old school Cerwin Vega stroker particularly the 12 in a D4 since I already have one but am willing to look at and possibly buy other sizes and coil configurations thanks in advance
  2. tdub93

    Old School Soundstreams

    So while going through our attic my Dad pulled out a box full of random car stereo equipment from what I'm guessing to be the late 80's early 90's. Along with that box came 2 10" Soundstream subs, anybody have an idea if they'll still beat? Or are they probably toast?
  3. avalanche usa

    old avalanche subs

    i just got two old avalanche subwoofers and i need help finding out more about them because i cant find out any thing about them on the webs. they are 15inch subwoofers and they are about 6 1/2 inches deep. it says 400 watts and 4 ohms on the magnet. the dust cap says AVALANCHEusa in the middle...