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    Old School P4S Double-Shot Snailshell enclosure /w 2 MTX T9512-44 2000w+

    Item(s) for Sale: John Nolte Powered4Sound custom built Double-Shot Snailshell enclosure for 2 x MTX T9512 subs 2 MTX T9512-44 subs Item(s) Description/Condition: Used, still working creat. One sub has patched crack in cone that does not affect performance Price: $500 + shipping obo...
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    Subs are not hitting hard enough.

    I have 2 MTX Thunder 8000, Single voice coil subs powered by a Hifonics Zeus 1500.1D i have the subs running in parallel, I have a Kenwood KRC-1005 Head unit, and a 6 gauge Power wire running back and a 6 gauge ground. I am using a cassette adapter that i plug into my ipod as that HU is about 15...
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    Old School MTX Thunder 2300 and MTX Thunder 4160

    Item(s) for Sale: