mosconi dsp

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    COMPLETED Mosconi D2 100.4 DSP & Controller - 4 channel amplifier $380 shipped

    Product Brand & Model: I have a Mosconi D2 100.4 DSP amplifier and Controller for sale. It's 4 channel amplifier with a built in DSP. Condition of all items: In full working order 8 out of 10 Total Price: : price is as follows; DSP only $380 shipped to USA DSP & Controller $440 USD...
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    Mosconi DSP AMAS and SP-DIF MULTI board for sale

    Item(s) for Sale: Hi, items for sale: AMAS bluetooth streamer DSP-AMAS SP-DIF MULTI optional digital input/output board SP-DIF Multi Item(s) Description/Condition: tested and used for 1 month Price: $300 Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: items are in Lithuania, but could be...