memphis mojo

  1. B

    Need some advice on Mojo sub

    Alright I have a 15 inch Memphis Mojo M6 and a srx.1000 watt Memphis amp. The Box is a Memphis single 15 ported enclosure just under 4 cubic feet of air space. Hooked everything up just like I have the other 500 times I've installed a system and this is the worst sounding subwoofer yet. The bass...
  2. Wingman0121

    Memphis Audio 15-MOJO515D2 dual 2 ohm subwoofer New In Box Mint!

    1. Product: 15 inch Memphis Audio Mojo5 subwoofer. 2. Specs: 1750 watts RMS, 3500 watts peak, dual 2 ohms, 3 inch coil, 9" mounting depth. 3. Description/Condition: Brand new in the box. I bought this with the intention of having it installed in my car but I sort of lost interest after my...
  3. Wingman0121

    Memphis Mojo5 15

    Looks pretty in person.
  4. x91evo

    Memphis Mojo 4000

    Feedback avaliable from other forums, PM me for the links as, hyperlinking a thread on here will put it on a waiting list for the admin. (which my previous forsale threads still have not been reviewed.) Check my other forsale threads, - 2 18" Mmatts Juggernauts - Mechman 320A, Transpo...
  5. kingmanbc

    15" Memphis Mojo's 2011 Model year

    Item(s) for Sale: 15" Memphis MOJO'S Item(s) Description/Condition: Up for sale are some MOJO's. Used for 3 to 4 months rarely ever used while they were in my car. Selling because I sold my car. These are in excellent condition. Bought them from an authorized car audio dealer near me. I...