memphis belle

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    Whats the difference between FULTRON- Mempis Belle vs. the MEMPHIS AUDIO - Belle?

    All, I have 2003 BMW 330i. Looking for ONE quality amp to push the entire system. Going with 6' component set upfront, and 6' coaxials in the rear. and (1) or (2) 12' subs for my bass. haven't decided yet. Being looking at the NEWER MEMPHIS BELLES.. they seem to run $450 - $600 on EBAY. I'm...
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    WTB: Memphis Belle Amplifier

    I am looking to purchase a Memphis "Baby" Belle amplifier. The model that outputs 55wx4 RMS @ 4 ohm + 400w RMS @ 1 ohm. Or if you have the newer model 16-MC5.700, I will consider that as well. Thank you.