memphis 16pr1.1000

  1. Project_dog

    07 Mazda CX-7

    My last build and my last car got totaled out. I got hit on the freeway. So I was out of a car for 3 months. Worse three months of my life, and My baby is gone. Im ok for now. I still have headaches once awhile and mi-grans and my neck hurts. So I bought a mazda cx-7. Started over the build...
  2. C

    will memphis 16pr1.1000 work with jl 13w7? and sealed or ported?

    I just got a jl 13w7 for a screaming deal and have a good 'ol amp the memphis 16pr1.1000. the amp runs 1 ohm stable at 1000, but the sub wired down in parallel goes to .667 or something crazy like that. I really don't want to spend another 500 bucks for a jl 1000/1v2. will my amp work? or is...