1. bassattack95

    2 15s or 3 10s

    I'm stumped on whether i want to run 2 skar vvx v2 15s or three of their vvx v1 10s. they will in the back of a 2000 explorer so space is not a problem. ill be running a skar 2500.1 for the amp. either option will be in a ported box tuned around 32-34hz. cause i have 1 vvx 10 now and it does a...
  2. T

    Loudest setup for $600?

    I know there are tons of posts about the loudest stuff and what not, but the guys on here have been super helpful to me in the past, I have $600 and I need an amp and sub(s). What would you get with that? I am currently amped to all my speakers It's a minivan so space is no issue I don't...