lanzar amp

  1. J

    2 12" Audiobahns for $200

    Item(s) for Sale: I have two twelve inch audiobahn speakers in a box. I also have a lanzar amp available if youre interested. i previously hooked the subs up in my ford taurus and they slammed. the cars transmission went so i uninstalled the speakers and they havent been used since. i have no...
  2. loudstratus

    WTB Lanzar Opti 2000 or Htg 2600d

    Hey guys just lookin to see if anyone has either of these amps out there. Honestly i would prefer the htg 2600d first because i already have my car set up to run two of them bridged but after 7 + years of life one of them finally crapped on me :-( and for spending about 300 on them brand new i...