jl subs

  1. yusme

    Help Subs

    hi guys I have been researching to get a new sub. It will go sealed in a fiberglass wheel well enclosure of about 1.40 cubic feet maybe more less than 1.75 cubic feet Im sure! Im looking for more SQ than SPL so my list have gone down to IDQ 12, JL 12w3, sa 12, A local store got the Jl for 200...
  2. N

    I need to figure out what kind of subs i have and if spider should be replaced

    I just got 2 10 inch jl subs and they are like 10 years old and the foam ripped. Im trying to figure out what kind i have so i can fix them.And the spider is old and really stiff so im wondering if thats bad or should i fix that also.
  3. D

    need help installing two 8W1v2 JL subs to a mono amplifier. HELP HELP!!

    right now i have one 8W1v2 JL sub hooked up to a infinity amplifier and im looking forward to get another sub (same brand and design) for this upcoming summer. i have done plenty of research on how to hook up the two subs to a mono amp and ended up here in this forum. so far i found out that...