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    '15 VW Jetta Audio Output Dropping in Motion

    Hi CarAudio, I recently made a switch over from a '12 Honda Civic w/ a rear Diamond D600.1 amplifier paired with a Diamond D3 10" woofer (Stock head unit) over to a new '15 VW Jetta, that has a RCD510 radio (Bluetooth). The audio output has been acting strange lately. It seems that when I...

    Ho alternator for vw golf, jetta, passat,

    Hey guys! We are excited to be sharing with you yet another innovation from Mechman. We now offer a 6 phase billet alternator for 1996 - 2006 Volkswagens. Our applications include 1.8L Turbo and 4 cylinder engines, Jettas, and VR6's. Smaller, lighter, and more efficient, our new Billet units...
  3. headlight 1

    headlight 1

  4. kenwood deck 2

    kenwood deck 2