iphone 4

  1. oxsign

    White I4 Jail broken with Otter box

    1. Product: ^^^^^^^^^^^ 2. Specs: Apple - iPhone - iPhone 4 Technical Specifications 3. Description/Condition: Yup, got my I5 in, so now it's time to sell, lol. All white I4 16gig Jail broken on 5.1.1 with tons of apps, music, & movies/videos. Comes with an Otter box and a couple other...
  2. zerocarpileup

    HELP! Can't connect iPhone 4/iPod to Kenwood KVT-815DVD. GOOD GOD WHY ME!

    So I have a kenwood kvt815 DVD in my impala and I can't seem to find the right kenwood wire to make it work. I'm my other tuck I have a kenwood ddx714 and the iPhone 4 works fine with kca-ip301. I tried the 301 and now the 302 in the impala and still nothing. All I get now is the phone to charge...