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    Pure Audio 10" *Pa4x*

    :typing:Recently purchased some PURE AUDIO 10" subwoofers,i believe the guy called them Pa4x subs. I noticed (trying to find specs/info on them there is nothing anywhere) so I just recently cut the cut out diameter out of cardboard. its right on the edge of the basket #perfectfit . The outer...
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    Get 'Schooled' About Car Audio

    {I didn't see this video referenced in its own thread, so I apologize if this is a duplicate post} I know myself and a lot of other car audio enthusiast have benefited greatly from this video. Whether you just want to learn more about car audio as a hobby or you would like to actually learn the...
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    car audio info websites please ???

    so im looking for somewhere to learn more about car audio. Im not exactly new to the game , i have done a decent amount of research but there's so much more id like to know ive been to the reference websites listed on here and liked the info but there wasnt enough. Some where that i can find...