infinite baffle

  1. insainiii

    Advice regarding rear shelf infinite baffle setup

    Hi. I just made and account to make this post. I have a w211 mercedes sedan with non-folding rear seats so the cabin is pretty well sealed from the trunk. The vehicle has harmon kardon logic 7 system from factory but it is basically garbage. I added a 5 channel pioneer amp as well as a JL 12W0V3...
  2. T

    Beginner multi size subwoofer setup question

    I was thinking of attempting a build using a Fi IB318 v2 in Infinite Baffle being 5hz-45 and two skar SDR-8s in separate IB being 45-200hz (The rest of the system would be four 6.25's and two 1.5's). Is it possible to phase in any way to achieve a solid sounding slope from 40-60hz with this...

    Installed dual Boston Acoustics 12.5LF in infinite baffle

    Hey there guys and girls.  Im in Sydney Australia.  I have a small SUV , a Mitsubishi ASX and done some extensive work in the boot area.  Sound deadened the whole area after removing the space saver tyre, trunk lid, side rear panels, made a false floor with some 4x2 timber screwed to the...
  4. adulbrich

    Infinite Baffle and/or ported for front trunk

    Hey, I got my XS D3100 yesterday and am about to start on my box. I have a 1986 Pontiac Fiero. It was my first car and I love it, but has been difficult to put subs in. I recently removed the dash, AC, spare tire, jack, and heater. The front trunk is now empty except for the brake cylinder that...
  5. keep_hope_alive

    Oz Audio 300H 12" Sub Pair, IB Ready

    Item(s) for Sale: Pair of Oz Audio 300H 12" subwoofers. Made specifically for IB installations. Item(s) Description/Condition: I am looking for a new home for my Oz Audio 300H pair. purchased BNIB in 2010. I repaired the surround on one due to being stored for 10 years. Details of that...
  6. 96Accord-ID8-RearDeck02


    Partial install of Image Dynamics ID8v3 mounted in the rear deck of a 1996 Honda Accord. Two of the main goals of this install was to not take up additional trunk space and have a stock look up top.