incriminato audio

  1. K

    Which amp?

    I’ve been looking for an amp that i’m planning to use to power 2 incriminator death penalty 15’s. So somewhere around 4000-4500 rms should be appropriate. I was considering these: Deaf Bonce AAK 4000.1 Skar SKV2 4500.1 Taramp Smart5 Bass any recommendations? I’d like to stay under about...
  2. J

    Incriminator Audio

    Has anyone heard i65c component set or the i69 coaxial from incriminator audio in person before? If u have what do you think about them?
  3. M

    wtb ssa GCON 12s dual 4 or Incriminator Audio flatline 12s dual 4

    im looking for 2 ssa gcons 12s dual 4 ohm or 2 Incriminator Audio flatline 12s dual 4 ohm
  4. R

    Looking for 2 21" wardens, new style

    Looking for 2 21" wardens, really wanting the new style 3500 rms model, i would be willing to trade if it comes to it, ive got 2 dd 3518s sc, cf caps
  5. audioarsonal

    FS: 4 15" Incriminator Death Row's....!

    Item(s) for Sale: 4 Incriminator Audio Death Row 15" Item(s) Description/Condition: 8/10 cosmetically(heavy glue) 10/10 mechanically with fresh re-cones done the begining of this year and very little play time on them. I over built the triple joints on these both top and bottom. So they are a...