hifonics goliath

  1. cooper1123

    Hifonics Goliath XXV 5k

    Item(s) for Sale: Hifonics Goliath XXV Item(s) Description/Condition: 5000 Watts rms @ 14.4 7600 Watts rms @ 18 Was always ran on good electrical at 14.4 at 1 ohm Same board as American Bass 500.1 In great shape for its age Only 2 really noticeable scratches Mounting feet are bent a...
  2. cooper1123

    Hifonics GOLIATH XXV

    Item(s) for Sale: title Item(s) Description/Condition: THIS AMP NEEDS REPAIRED I REPEAT.... THIS AMP NEEDS REPAIRED I bought this off a buddy of mine who said he ran it on low voltage and it stopped working I had intentions of getting it repaired, but I have decided to go another direction...
  3. Serial Tag

    Serial Tag

  4. Feet - Gain Side

    Feet - Gain Side

  5. Feet - Power Terminal

    Feet - Power Terminal

  6. Power Terminals

    Power Terminals

  7. Gain Side

    Gain Side