hifonics brutus 1200

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    Southwest Region Priced to Move Quickly!

    I know this isn't the place to post classifieds, but I don't want to ship anything. So, I want to keep this within Utah or the Southwest Region to possibly meetup or drive and deliver. Included: (2) Sundown Audio E15 v2 both Dual 2 ohms Hifonics BRZ 1200.1D (currently wired @ 2 ohms) Knu...
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    Wanted: Hifonics bass knob (hfr-3) black cord black knob

    I just bought a bass knob and its the wrong one! I got the silver one i needed the balck one hit me back im willing to trade or sell or buy
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    WANTEDD: hifonics brutus bass knob

    I really need a bass knob my kbob qas turned all the way dwn.and I lost cord wile moving nw my amp wont work.please I need to slapp lol ht me bak if u.have a cord and knob its tbe telephone connection..
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    Give me a yes or no, maybe why...

    Alright so I have a buddy who just started to upgrade his already substantial subwoofer to an RE XXX 15" its the 05 one, he paid about $200 for it with an enormous ported box. Good deal? What would you give tips to him saying? So for the yes and no, he's taking out his Rockford Fosgate 15" T0 2...