hifonics amps

  1. J

    My Amo cuts out but doesnt go in protect mode

    So i have 2 12 inch Rockford Fosgate 1 ohm Subs and a Hifonics 1500 watt amp 1 ohm stable. This system sounds really good but my problem is the amp. I can play music for like 10-15 mins before it cuts out and sometimes comes back after like 2 mins but then cuts out again. Also it comes back if...
  2. H

    what hifonics amp for my Sundown Sa10 D4 sub

    Hello all, I was looking for a amp for my Sundown Sa10 D4 Rev 2 sub. I was running it with a kicker zx750.1 amp but that amp finally quit on me( turns on but doesn't send signal to my sub.) . Someone recommended the Hifonics Brutus amps, so I was looking at the BRX1516.1D and the BRX1100.1D. As...
  3. G

    Wanted: Hifonics bass knob (hfr-3) black cord black knob

    Item(s) for Sale: I BOUGHT A HIFONICS BASS KNOB THE SILVER ONE BUT I NEEDED THE BLACK ONE HFR-3 TO BE EXACT! HIT ME BACK IF U WANA TRADE OR JUST PLAIN SELL IT Item(s) Description/Condition: Price: Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Item Pictures: (List pictures in this section...
  4. cooper1123

    Hifonics GOLIATH XXV

    Item(s) for Sale: title Item(s) Description/Condition: THIS AMP NEEDS REPAIRED I REPEAT.... THIS AMP NEEDS REPAIRED I bought this off a buddy of mine who said he ran it on low voltage and it stopped working I had intentions of getting it repaired, but I have decided to go another direction...
  5. supereikenator


    Lots of people have run these amps, and the prices are really good. Do they really put out what they claim? Even if they do, is it clean power that won't murder subs?