1. 350zkid

    BNIB Pair of headrest monitors built in DVD

    1. Product: Rockville 7" hearest monitors. Built in DVD players. BRAND NEW NEVER USED 2. Specs: RVD72-BK - rockville audio 3. Description/Condition: BRAND NEW NEVER USED OR INSTALLED 4. Price: : $145 shipped 5. Pictures: Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Fedex or...
  2. B

    Multiple TV Issues

    Hello Bro's and beautiful ladies.......so I have 4 tv's in my headrest..(05 Nissan maxima)...and I am running off them off my ZUNE....the issue I am running into is that they have an on and off switch so they don’t just come on when I turn the car on, for some reason my drivers headrest comes on...