1. B

    Seeking Hairtrick Capable Setup in Los Angeles

    Hello all, I work for a special effects company and we are interested in testing out a "hairtrick" on camera for potential use in an upcoming film. If you live (or know someone who does) in the Los Angeles area and have a set up capable of producing a "hairtrick," please send me a message...
  2. adulbrich

    Holy Hairtrick!

    I'll just leave that there... Ignore tha flabby arm
  3. Millertime1028

    > (12) DC audio m2 12's on 20,000 watts <

    For those who have not seen my most current setup. Will be posting up a full build log once I have some time to upload pictures. Thanks for watching everyone!
  4. Loudizzzzle

    Teenybopper Hairtrick