ground zero

  1. S

    100 watts RMS over the rated RMS of the subwoofer safe?

    Okay, first of all, I am hoping I am posting this in the right section. Secondly, since I have recently passed my driving test and am really into car audio (had a sony head unit as a alpine amp running off of car batteries a while ago in my room), and am soon to get a car, I have started...
  2. Bazzheadnorway

    Ground Zero GZPA 1.4000DXII - Any good?

    I have been wondering if this mono amp is any good and if someone has any experience with it or heard anything about it? it is rated 4000w at 1ohm and costs around 1000$ planning to be running it on dual DD 818s or dual Ground Zero GZNW 18SPL. Link: Ground Zero GZPA 1.4000DXII Hope anyone...
  3. Bazzheadnorway

    Ground Zero GZRW 18 any good?

    I have been thinking about buying some GNRW 18s (duals) and these are the german subs. These are at just under a 1000$ Im considering these over DD 818 And im curious if someone here knows anything about these subs or heard them? (Both) Thanks )