front speakers

  1. Batdude

    "European Sound Like" Front Speakers

    Hi everyone this is my very post here I just joined and I am not a car audio speaker expert. Recently purchased front speakers for my Toyota Sienna, everything is amplified with a subwoofer. Several months ago I purchased a new set of Hertz speakers. They sound pretty good. But, this is the...
  2. L

    What would be the Best Available Car Audio System available in India under 15k INR?

    Hello everyone! I'm new to this Forum and I can see very rare Indian people posting any thread here so I hope my query would get resolved easily. Actually, I'm lookin for a Long-running, Power-Packed Car Audio System starting from scratch, but wiithout a Subwoofer cuz that would cost me...
  3. N

    03 Civic OEM speaker

    I'm getting custom speakers installed in my 03 Civic and realized I no longer have the stock speaker in the front driver's side door. The installer was planning to use the OEM speaker as a spacer (by removing the cone and keeping the plastic casing). I'm not sure what to do at this point, since...
  4. N

    Front speakers - 4 inch components

    Hi all, My first post here. My budget for fronts is below $80 for a pair of 4 inch speakers. Assuming they are the only speakers in the car, would it make sense to buy components at that price. Is it better to go with coax? Would it make any difference in sound between components and coax? I'm...