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    First timer help

    I've done a few little projects in various rigs but I wanna spend some big bucks on my jeep. I mainly am here just to make sure this setup will come together nicely. What better place for reinsurance than here! Here's what I'm trying to do.. I currently have 2 12" 2400 skar audio subs from a...
  2. G

    First Time With Car Audio

    This is my first time dealing with any type of car audio systems and I am in need of some help. I am trying to put a new head unit in my car along with 2 subs. I am wondering what all I will need and if the components I have picked out are good and will work together. I have a budget of $1000. I...
  3. M

    Help With Complete New System - 2009 Ford Focus

    Hey everyone, I'm looking to buy a whole new system for my 2009 Ford Focus Sedan SE. I don't have Ford SYNC or the steering wheel radio controls. I am inexperienced in my knowledge of car audio, so I went to Crutchfield to talk to someone about what I should get. Listed below are all the items I...
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    First ever audio system and need help.

    Alright, so I recently got a Pioneer TS-W301R 12" 800w peak and 150w RMS. I will be powering this sub with a dodgy Powervox 1400 Watt 2 channel 70 RMS per channel, and i will be bridging it. And my head unit is a JVC KDR206. Now my questions are: Will it work? What type of wiring kit will i...
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    First car audio system!

    I'm ordering all of my parts for my first setup and my sub i ordered turned out to be on backorder so I'm suppose to substitute it. I ordered a Kicker VCVR122 enclosed sub. I have a Kicker ZX500.1 Amp coming and I need to find a enclosed sub to match it. I'm looking for a single 12" sub that...
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    $1K build 2005 Equinox. First time attempting anything audio related.

    I'm trying to build a budget system for my Equinox, I have no knowledge of what I am doing, any and all feedback is greatly appreciated. I'm a little gun shy, and not willing to pull the trigger on my purchase. I've included everything I can think of without the wiring. I'll be purchasing...