fiberglass enclosure

  1. G

    Advice 2018 Camry sub setup?

    Hello everyone, brand new to the site and excited to start learning. Anyways... I just bought a 2018 Camry XSE with the crappy base sound system. I want to put a sub or 2 in the trunk corners ( preferably just 1 but I'm open to 2) in fiberglass box. I've seen these sealed and ported. My question...
  2. yusme

    sealed or ported fiberglass wheel well enclosure?

    HI guys, I hope everyone its enjoying the summer. Im finally done with the fiberglass wheel well enclosure. The main point with this enclosure is to save space. The fiberglass shell its done and I added good bracing. Now Im not sure if I want to just leave it sealed or actually find a way to...