1. JoshStrategic

    Help with FI subs!

    Got these in a trade a few years back, lots of years back. Figured I'd put them in my new car just don't know too much about them. Haven't hooked them up to a meter yet, was just going to see if anyone knew anything about the older FI subs. Thanks again.
  2. C1500martin

    Which amp for Fi Q12?

    Hey guys i got a question! Im purchasing a Fi Q12 dual 2ohm so i can run it at 1ohm. My question is which amp do you guys prefer? My budget is roughly $200 so my options right now are HIFONICS BRZ1700.1D HIFONICS BRX1600.1D (cea-2006 compliant according to them) RE AUDIO CTX3200.1D PRECISION...
  3. 93Exploder

    PSI PF 2 18" or Fi BL 18"?

    Which should I go with and why? I want lows, but still do want some decent SQ.