fi ssd

  1. BlueXI

    Single 12" for bmw

    Hi everybody... new to the forum. I have been checking out a new setup for the bimmer. i currently have 2 12's that i picked up for pennies from a local guy. although they sound good they are cheapies . and they take up to much room. im looking for a SINGLE 12" that will blow my mind in about...
  2. T

    an 08' Fi SSD 15" D2 with Flatwind Coil For a Fi Q 15" D1 or D2 with Cooling/Flatwind

    i know its a downgrade, but i'd figured if someone wanted something less, why not try? 9/10 Cosmetically 10/10 Mechnically refer to my only reference for credibility. does not come with enclosure. small scruff on the surround