fi ssd 12

  1. D

    2 channel for my FI SSD 12's?

    I need to find a solid 2 channel amp that can push my two FI SSD 12's with like 1.5k watts rms at 1/2 ohms... But i have a budget so I need to try to keep it as well under $1k as i can. Let me know if you have any other comments/suggestions/tips...I'm new and appreciate them all
  2. Sketchup

    12" Fi SSD box

    I made this quick box in google sketchup, This is the general idea that I have. What else would I have to do or modify it to make it 33Hz or calculate the Hz. Also below are the specs for the sub. I would calculate the area of the box, but I have to go to bed soon. Even then I don't even now if...