engine noise

  1. Ewee1991

    Major static and engine noises in all speakers

    Alright y’all I have a aftermarket system with head unit with sound stream amp and 1 12 inch sub along with the shitty bose amp that came with truck that you can’t replace in my 2015 Silverado for 4 years now and ran good and all of a sudden I have major static and engine noises and weird noises...
  2. T

    Electrical noise

    Hello, so I have had an amplified system running in my car for around a year now with no issues. All the wiring is fine and all the grounds are firmly secured to the chasis. however a few weeks ago i started my car and noticed a whine coming through the speakers that changes with engine rpm...
  3. A

    Engine noise..

    So I just installed a Soundstream Dtr4.500 and wired only two channels so far to two tweeters and two horns, I'm running the signal from my mono amp which gets it's signal from a Stinger Line out converter, I've grounded all places possible, changed the RCA's to straight to the line out and...