dual alternators

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    HELP! Overcharging alt

    I am having an issue with my internal regulated 370amp high output alt. I am running dual alts with my stock alt running the truck (04 Yukon Denali) , and the high output alt running my audio. I have a relay to power on my high output alt, my relay consists of power fused from cmaxx Battery...
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    need help with dual alternator bracket for 3500w rms kicker 99 dodge durango 5.2 slt

    Hello i need help i was running a crappy ebay alternator 200w no name and was looking for a bracket to remove my ac its dead and put a alternator there so i can run 2 alternators has anyone done this i need to power a kx 2500.1 oldschool and kx 850.4 for highs and i have 2 batteries atm 1 in the...