door speakers. help

  1. C

    Door speakers and Lock/Unlock mechanism intermittently fail after speaker installation

    I recently installed aftermarket speakers in all of the doors of my 2014 Honda civic, and I've been having an issue. The speakers will work for about 30 seconds when I turn the car on, and then all of the speakers will randomly stop working. When the speakers are working they sound fine, and I...
  2. J

    Front door speakers don’t play

    I have an 05 Scion tC. It has a factory anp. I installed subs and an amp, and a new head unit. Also new pioneer speakers in the front doors but they do not play and are wired to head unit correctly. I’m pretty good with this stuff, so do I need to wire them to factory amp as well or bypass it or...
  3. A

    Door speakers going out

    Yall don't laugh I'm a beginner I have two 8" Memphis speakers in my truck as my door speakers. I haven't upgraded rear speakers they are stock. The issue is my two door speakers keep going out they'll pop on for a few minutes if I hit a pot hole randomly but otherwise out. My stereo works fine...
  4. J

    Feedback In rear right door speaker

    Hello I have a 2003 toyota avalon, I have installed a JVC aersonal jvc kw adv793 in dash dvd player 2, 6.5 in alpine type S door speakers in the front doors and the stock jbl speakers in the rear. Today I turned on my vehicle and everything was fine then two hours I got back in and noticed a...
  5. aaronwhitlock3

    Door speakers

    I got some 4ohm kicker cvts for my doors should I run them off a small amp? I have them hooked to my h/u rigjt now and they dont sound bad what should I do