Digital radio is the use of digital technology to transmit or receive across the radio spectrum. Digital transmission by radio waves includes digital broadcasting, and especially digital audio radio services.

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  1. B

    dd m3a bass knob not working

    Ok, so a few months back I re-ran my POS through my car because it was bugging me. So, when I unplugged my amp, I first unplugged the RCA's, then the fuse for the POS line. I also unplugged the remote and unhooked the ground as well. Moved the wires, and reinstalled everything. Last thing I...
  2. cdc351jeferson

    crossfire c51700 or DD m2b and why?

    which one would yall chose and why . durability on one or the other better? better sq spl?
  3. S

    amplifier help.

    okay, so i have a dd1515 it will be in a ported box in a 2006 avalanche. im having a difficult decission on what amp to get i already have a SD SAX 125.2 and im thing about getting a dd cm1 but i don't know if it would do better or even if the sub would work for me? so help me? haha
  4. its_bacon12

    FS: Polaroid i1036 Digital Camera [New] $50 shipped + BONUS

    Item(s) for Sale: Polaroid Digital Camera, Model i1036 Also including Transcend 8gb Class 10 SD card (Bonus) Item(s) Description/Condition: Pretty much brand new. 10.0 megapixel camera. I took it out of the package, took a few test shots and a test video. That's all I've done since...
  5. beach22

    Oklahoma spl/sq who's coming?

    Tulsa shows April 24th hooters, 30th car toys,6th and 7th at the drag strip. Who will make it to any or all?
  6. H

    Radio doesn't work in the rain! Help

    Jensen vm9234 hd will not capture digital hd stations when it is raining. Just got this thing. Am I crazy or am I the only one who doesn't know this. It has been very frustrating trying to find a decent double din. Had a pioneer 7200 single din that played nicely but I returned it because it...
  7. htomeheb

    3 DD3512e's and Spare motors

    Item(s) for Sale: Three DD 3512e's - L to R 3512e factory soft parts, D4, never seen above 1krms clean 3512e reconed once by me, never seen above 1krms clean 3512e factory fresh, bought it, never got to power it. reads D4 perfect. Looks brand new. Suspension is stiff. - I do not have the DD...
  8. beach22

    wtt RE MT 15 for some nice 8s

    i have a Resonant Engineering MT 15" that was reconed and has had very little play. i would like to trade for some good 8" subs such as rli,dd 1508,jlw7 or as good.
  9. H

    FS: DD9512f w/dual 0.5's

    1. Product: 1 Used Digital Designs 9512 "F" Subwoofer with dual 0.5 ohm voice coils 2. Specs: Model - 9512f Series - 9500f Woofer Diameter - 12" Voice Coil Diameter - 3" Voice Coil Type - 4 layer DVC Magnet Weight - 320 oz Cone Type - Synthetic Fiber Blend Power Handling RMS - 1200...