1. BassLord808

    Any Pioneer DEH-80PRS owners here?

    I have this head-unit on the way. I have yet to hear anything but the best about this head unit. Can't wait to install it. Does anyone here own one?
  2. C

    Kenwood eXcelon series decks - thoughts?

    Hello all- I have a new truck and I am designing a new system for it. The stock head unit has a lot of nice features, touchscreen, HD FM tuner, steering wheel controls, etc. that my old truck didn't have. I had a Pioneer DEH-80PRS in that truck, loved the clean sound quality of that deck. I...
  3. jeffs42885

    FS: Pioneer DEH-80PRS PERFECT

    Item(s) for Sale: Pioneer DEH-80PRS Item(s) Description/Condition: Perfect Condition Price: 315 Shipped OBO Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Came out of my C6 Vette, will include dash kit and GMOS harness. It is in perfect condition. I also have the original box. Car sits in...