db drag racing

  1. O

    Southwest Region Awesome db Drag Race

    I just went to Boomin Audio Competitions' db Drag Race in West Valley, Utah at California Audio. There were some awesome cars there, including Thomas's DC Audio 160+ beast. Here is a small video of only demos prior to the actual drag (camera battery died). There were many more cars than what I...
  2. akadj

    Other Locations List Of Canadian 2013 Car Events

    lets try and get this list up and going so hopefully we can get some new/more competitors out this season!!!! you can post what ever organization you know of or show and shines.. (Iasca,Db Drag, ECT.) here's some Db Drag Racing Shows in Alberta that i know of, when i find more in any...
  3. S

    Looking for SUV w/ great stereo for Los Angeles-based music video -- $$$

    Hi guys, hope this is the right forum for this, apologies if not. I'm directing a music video for the band Dinosaur Jr., about a family man who gets into dB drag racing. I need someone with an SUV with a great sound system -- something that could compete at a dB event. Bonus if the exterior of...