1. L

    Sound Receiver too Sensitive. Cover with which Materials?

    So I have this cheap-o sound receiver from eBay that makes LED light strips light up to sound. It works well, but it tends to be way too sensitive for my liking. I was going to just wrap the thing in masking tape, but ideally I want to wrap the receiver in a material that will...
  2. I

    Factory Sound Dampening

    I've got a 99 mustang that I'm planning on installing Second Skin throughout, however as I removed the trunk panels and carpet I noticed that the factory had already installed some dampening. My question to you guys is; is it worth the trouble of removing the factory dampening before installing...
  3. C

    Sound deadener differences

    Hey guys just wondering if some one could tell me the difference between GP STFU and GTMAT quadro. They are both around the same price, just wondering which is overall thicker and what it contains more of, foam or butyl rubber. Also if i were to deaden my roof with one of these, what else would...
  4. Flex68

    Sound dampener/deadener secrets

    ^^^^ Give me some! Not really asking about the best or cheapest brand (tho comments to that effect are fine, and your choice), but how much of what is really enuff? I got a quote from a guy who has a good rep and knows his stuff. Unfortunately, the quote he sent on dampening/deadening the...