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    Need help with the design of my sub and amp system

    I came to a conclusion that i need to install a sub in my car(Ford Cougar 1999 or in USA Mercury Cougar) as of right now i have an aftermarket head unit and speakers. The head unit is Kenwood kmm-bt205 and the speakers are 4 Hertz speakers and 2 tweeters (I don't know any details about them...

    F/S - Digital Designs 1000 Series 12" Dual 4 ohm Sub With DD Recommended Sized Box

    Item(s) for Sale: - x1 DD 1012b D4 (Dual 4 ohm) 12" Sub With Custom 3/4" MDF Enclosure Built To The Full Size Box DD Recommends For This Sub (2.5 cu ft. net @ 38 hz) Item(s) Description/Condition: - Sub is Like New, Just Barely Broken In, Never Had More Than 400w rms ran to it. Works &amp...