crescendo fi

  1. Justin braaapp

    How loud can I get with these dimmesnions?

    Currently I have a one 15 fi sp4 in an extended cab Silverado and im looking to upgrade. Power wise I have a crescendo bc3500 to push whatever I end up getting. Here are the dimensions I can have for a box; 30 inches tall, 27 inches from the back wall to the front seats, and 56 inches from side...
  2. Justin braaapp

    volts dont drop on free air?

    Today as some of you know I was experiencing some trouble with my amp which i got all figured out. But anyway when i was testing it by free airing my sub I noticed that the volts only dropped into the high 13's instead of the normal 12's when I have it in the box. IS this normal, can someone...
  3. Justin braaapp

    subwoofer cutting out??

    So the other day I was playing my system pretty hard when the sub cut out for the first time. it came back on almost instantly so I didnt think much of it until today when everytime I roll the volume up it cuts out and will come back on and then cut out again. I have a fi sp4 15 wired down to...