1. bass-aholic

    COMPLETED Crescendo BC2000D $200

    This is a very lightly used Crescendo BC2000D amplifier. Will do 2250W RMS at 12v and 1 ohm, not 14.4v like a lot of other amps rate at. One of the top of the line best amp companies for competition use. Stable to .5 ohm. If you know about this amp you know this is a steal, these sell for...
  2. I

    Problem with C1100.4 noise

    Well after finally getting a chance to install my new C1100.4 I had a terrible hiss with it that only got worse as the gain went up. So far I have tried swapping everything around the amp to eliminate it them from the problem except new rcas and I haven't tried it in another vehicle. New Rcas...